Saturday, July 03, 2010


No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” The implied meaning of this colloquialism is that there is always someplace better than where you currently are. It is the battle cry of the eternally unsatisfied ADHD generation. If only I lived near family… if only the money tree bloomed in my backyard… if only a had a better yard…

Think about it for a moment. Although you may not be enjoying life as much as you like at the moment, do you really want that greener grass on the other side? Do you realize how much effort is expended in growing and maintaining greener grass? If you look at my yard, it is clear that I don’t speak from experience. However, I’ve heard that green grass requires a lot of tender loving care (time and effort), including the application of liberal amounts of fertilizer (waste materials). So, do you still want the greener grass on the other side? Is a lot of hard work and dealing with crap what you are truly seeking?

Furthermore, thinking out of the box even further for a moment, maybe the grass isn’t greener on the other side.Maybe it’s not even green. What if it is was blue, orange, or yellow? What if it is not even grass? What if it is chocolate, or steak on the other side? What would that mean?

Actually, if what you are living now is an easy, carefree life with no challenges or learning on the horizon, then the greener grass on the side is really what you are seeking. You would be challenged by the effort to maintain green grass, and learn a lot about yard maintenance in the process. The discipline, consistency, and patience you would develop along the way could be successfully applied to many other parts of your life.

So, I guess, it really is a better place.

Go for it. Go for the green grass.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


What is denial, and how people deny that can be called denial? Go find dictionary and find what the hell it is means. Do not ask me coz I don’t want to know and don’t care that I don’t know what is denial means. So, is that denial? Pretending that I don’t wanna know ?

As I see the world, people deny to lots of thing, and the worst is deny to themselves. What is that means? Deny to your self? Let see for example, take me as the object here, I always says “do I care” or in malay “ade aku kesah” so is that really what I want? Maybe? Coz my lips saying that, but deep down in my heart who knows and even me myself don’t really know. I use those words as my defend mechanism so I don’t get or not showing that I am hurt in front of people. The question is, am I get hurt? And is the defend mechanism works?

I don’t know, but it is works for me all the time. When I say those words, I feel like I have the power, feel like there is force shield protecting me not letting any bad feeling intrude myself. Cool!! Huh?. So it do really works.

naah! you talk to the paw! i dont care! i dont wanna care! i dont even know who are you black cat!

So denial can be many means, most people think that denial means you pretend that you are not but actually you do. Most of thing involve feeling. For example i hate my BFF because he is way hooter than me, and everytime we hang out all of the girl’s eyes are on him. But we still hang out and have a great time. But I just hate him for that moment where the girls keep staring at him but not me, at other moment we are cool!

So is that what we call denial? When my other friends ask me do I like friend with him and I say yes. Is that denial? Coz I only hate him on certain moment and not all the time. Yeah sometimes his jokes are not funny and I hate to lie myself and force myself to laugh out loud. but I am cool coz he seems love my stupid jokes.

So actually there is nothing to do with denial! I just write this post coz I am listening to sugababes song titled denial. That all. Now I am listening to “push the button” . so you guys, push the button comment yeah!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wow really? Cute things could kill?

Nope really I just made it up. Coz I hate cute things. I don’t know and don’t blame people who is really obsesses with cute things. Most people found that teddy bears are cute. but did you guys realize that actual bears could kill you if you hug them. YES it could. So cute thing really could kill right!

bad bear! so NOT CUTE!

see! even a little innocent bear can bring you harm! I TOLD YOU!

That one of the reason why I don’t like cute stuff, but to be honest I have 3 teddy bears, 1 Patrick the pink star and 1 cute version of ultramen, ahaks! Wait.. I just have them. I did not buy them. Somebody gave them to me. So I put them nicely at my room under my bed. Coz patrick seems scarry and big, I cannot sleep because I have to share bed with him. sorry patric!.. see, we all know that partic the star is my case he interrupts me while I am sleeping, I need big space when I sleep coz my mother has said that when I am sleeping I do 'kung fu ' thing on my bed, so when patric is besides me, he uses lots of space coz he is huge. I cannot get enough of my beauty sleep when he is on my bed, my point here, he could kill me coz I did not get enough sleep.

See! I told you that cute thing could kill you.

patrick wanna kill you!

In another case, also in the same topic “cute things could kill you”, when I see people OVER SHOW their interest or some people say obsess, of cute things, they turn to be so annoying. I just don’t get it! I have been thinking why but still cannot get the answer. For example, my friend and she is a girl, received a teddy bear from me, and she love it so much. It is ok to show that you love and appreciate what people gave you. But when you over do the expression it looks annoying. Hey! The bear is cute, but when you make that face ,hugging, cuddling the bear like that. IT IS NOT CUTE and ANNOYING! my heart said “ if you don’t stop doing that face, I will kill you, coz you look so annoying” . see, this is my point! Maybe the cute things cannot kill you with their bare hand but maybe somebody else will coz they feel annoy with you.


And another thing, my probability to kill and murder someone is very high.

it's me..............

Monday, June 28, 2010


This is my third or maybe fourth time I create a new blog. Before this all of my blog are use for assignment only and there is no one that I can put story that I want to share to the public. What do you expect? A technology stuff blog for educational technology subject I put some of my life’s story? It is gonna be stupid huh!?.

So, I know that nobody going to read this junk blog, so I do a little welcome note to myself so every time I come in looking around at my own blog I feel welcomed. So, that all I think, there is nothing much I wanna say right now. welcome to anyone who like to read junk in thins blog, WELCOME